We tell stories!

As you can see, our website fell down and is now just text. Some of you may feel bad
for it, you shouldn’t. It’s a website. Besides the new one will be much better!
In the meantime, we wanted to tell you a little about ourselves.

Left Of Frame is a New York based creative agency and production company wrapped up in one lean package, like a sausage. But a sausage that’s good for you! We’re like a fat-free, farm raised, free roaming turkey sausage from Whole Foods!*

What does that mean you ask? …or are just reading now without asking yourself… Good question! It really means we do a little of everything from developing a concept in pre-production to color correcting in post-production and a bunch of stuff in between. We’re a small group which allows us to keep your costs low but grow depending on the need of your project. This allows us to work with all sorts of clients from those who just want to see a finished video to those who want to be involved in every detail. So long as you want to make something good, we’re on the same page!

When it comes down to it, we’re pretty friendly people so if you want a video, contact us at info@leftofframe.com and we’d be happy to explain how we work and what we can do for you!